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Valley de Bon Blanco   (Gewurztraminer)


Aged with Elderberry flowers, off dry, voted best white and multiple gold winner. Our signature white wine.


Sandstone White   (Gewurz-Chard)


A perfectly balanced blend of our award winning Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay.  A soft white wine perfectly balanced, not too sweet and not too dry. Aged with Elderberry Flowers.

Peach Breeze   (Chardonnay)


Burst of Peach, surprisingly not sweet. Perfect for any occasion.

Multiple gold medal winner.

Strawberry Sensation   (Riesling)


Loaded with flavors of Strawberries, soft and mildly sweet.

Fun wine to have in the Spring and Summer, but this wine has a following year round.

Candelina Bianca   (Chardonnay)


Smooth, buttery with notes of vanilla-oak flavor.

Pairs well with seafood, chicken and soft cheeses.

Tango with Da Mango   (Gewürztraminer)


Mildly sweet Gewürztraminer, loaded with Mango.

A Customer Favorite!

Walli's Summer Crush  (Chardonnay)


Crisp and refreshing, lightly sweet. Delicious watermelon, Jolly Rancher comes to mine. Pour a glass over ice and a splash of flavored vodka or coconut rum makes the BEST cocktail EVER!


Berry Select   (Berry Merlot)


Bursting of blackberries and raspberries. Lightly aged Melot, soft and perfect for the red wine drinker or making sangria.

Sunset at the Creek


Off dry, not sweet. Great choice paired with Lamb or Pork dishes.


(Pairs with: Thai dish delight)

Creekside Rossa   (Pinot Noir)


This profound Pinot is aged in oak, and has a spicy yet

supple fruit flavor that is a delight to the palate.


(Pairs with: Steak and Spicy Dishes)

The Big Jake   (Cabernet Sauvignon)


Big, Bold and Robust, Deep full bodied Red.


(Pairs with: Red Meats and Wild Game)

Key Auntie   (Sangiovese)


This character has a dry spiciness of cherries and

blackberries that leaves you full.


(Pairs with: Italian Dishes and Dark Chocolates)

Daves Rajin Red   (Syrah-Merlot-Cab)


Our most sought after Red is Big, Bold, and has spicy flavors sure to send your taste buds into a frenzy wanting more.

(Pairs with: Red meats and Wild Game)

Fire of the Knight   (Syrah-Zinfandel)


Nothing on the market quite like this wine. Fruit on the front, not too dry on the back. Pops when you taste it. So go ahead swirl, Saviour and fall in love with this Dark Knight.

(Pairs with: Steak)


Zimply Zinful   (Zinfandel)



Scatter Creek's biggest red to date. It is bold, and chewy.

This red has a satisfying smoky taste.


(Pairs with: Smoked meats and dark chocolate)

Stonecutter Red Blend  (Sangiovese & Merlot)


Not your traditional red wine! Fruit forward, not too

sweet with hints of berries. A customer favorite!


Anika Rossa   (Merlot)




Big fruit forward and heavier tanin' ~ Big & smokey!!!



KoKoLichous  (Chocolate Port)


 This talk of the town fine dessert wine is rich, warm, and full-bodied with a mild chocolaty finish. Must Try both warm and chilled!

(Pairs with: Chocolate dipped strawberries,

Chocolate ribbon cheesecake)

Frost Tease   (Late Harvest Riesling)


Mild sweetness with flavors of Cranberries and Boysenberries.


WOW the palate!!!


 Pairs with: Cheesecake and Delectable Desserts

Glaciers End   (Ice Wine)


 This uniquely sweet and delicious Ice Wine is a favorite for many Friends of "The Creek". Served chilled this golden nectar goodness should be sipped slowly to experience its full-bodied potential.


Pairs with: Cheesecake and Delectable Desserts

Sweet BJ   (Ice Wine / Cabernet Sauvignon)


This blend is sweet on the front, with a slight bite or a light smoky finish on the back from the Cab


Oh so delicious ~ perfect for any special occasion.



Berry Select "Holidaze"


Seasonal Favorite & Limited Availability.

Peach Breeze "Spiced" (Chardonnay)


Spiced Chardonnay!

Velvet Kiss  (Cabernet Sauvignon)


Our Cab Sav, with Cranberries. This is a must at the holiday feast.

It's so pleasing to the red wine lovers palate and pairs with all

the holiday meats perfectly.

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